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Can failure to pay child support impact my credit score?

When a child support order is issued in North Dakota, the supporting parent is expected to make the payments on time and in full. In some instances, however, these noncustodial parents fall behind on payments. For some, there are extenuating circumstances that prevent them from keeping up with their child support payments. In others, there is an ongoing child support dispute, and they make the mistake of not paying what is owed as part of the acrimony.

Review and adjustment of child support orders in North Dakota

Most child support orders in North Dakota are based upon the financial situation and income of the payor spouse. Contrary to the expectation of many parents, the court's order for child support is not immutable. If the financial conditions of the payor spouse change, the terms of the child support may also change.

Requesting modifications to a child support order

It can be a struggle to keep up with child support payments under the best of times. After a job loss or another setback, it can be near impossible. Once a parent falls behind, the unpaid balance accumulates interest at a rapid rate, and it can turn into serious financial and legal trouble. Parents in this situation need help with a child support modification.

What if I need a child support modification in North Dakota?

When a couple has a child in North Dakota and divorces, there will be a child support order. In general, the noncustodial parent will pay support to the custodial parent so the child can be properly cared for. The amount in the order will be based on the state's child support guidelines. Earnings are critical when determining how much the support order will be. There are other factors that will be considered in addition to income. Many people might be under the impression that once the order is made, it cannot be changed. That, however, is not the case. A modification is possible if the circumstances warrant it.

Parents must meet the child's medical needs after divorce

North Dakotans understand that having children carries with it many responsibilities. These responsibilities do not simply end when the couple's marriage ends and they divorce. The transition from a family unit to one in which the parties are living separately with the child residing with one and visiting the other based on a schedule is a difficult one. Making it work can be complicated and part of that is making certain that the best interests of the child are served.

Can child support still be paid after the child reaches majority?

When there is a child support order in North Dakota, many parents will believe that the payments will continue until the child reaches what is known as "majority." However, that is not always the case. The child support guidelines allow for the payments to continue beyond age 18 - when the child has reached majority - if there are certain conditions in place. Even parents who have no negative perception about paying for a child's financial needs will look forward to the day when they are no longer required to do so. It is imperative to know when the payments can be extended beyond the age of majority.

Where does summer camp fit into child support?

In North Dakota, as in other jurisdictions around the country, there is an obligation on parents to support their children, both emotionally and financially, regardless of whether they are married to one another. This means financial obligations continue even after the couple gets a divorce from one another. There are specific factors that are included in the calculation for child support payments, but the question that might be coming to many parents minds during the summer months is: who pays for summer camp?

How should you approach a child support dispute?

A divorce can be full of issues for North Dakota residents. From property division to child custody, many divorces can involve complex and contentious disputes. Child support can be a tricky issue because this involves a financial commitment that could potentially last for years after the divorce is finalized.


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