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Finding Positive Solutions For Your
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Working Toward A Custody Agreement That Is In The Best Interests Of Your Child

As parents, we strive to teach our children good manners, sharing, and respect for others. We know these are skills they need to have happy and productive lives. When going through a divorce, it is even more important to exemplify such behavior.

Located in Fargo, North Dakota and also serving the Moorhead, Minnesota area, Melinda Weerts Law, PLLC, believes that even in the midst of a divorce, respect and resolution can coexist. Knowing the kids are expecting guidance from you, treating all parties as you expect to be treated relieves ancillary stress and makes negotiations much easier.

North Dakota Vs. Minnesota

Laws in both states have been re-written. Depending on your state, you could be dealing with a variety of terms and conditions such as: residential responsibility, decision-making authority, and parenting time. These terms replace the old ones — physical custody, legal custody and visitation.

In determining custody, the best interests of the children must come first. Custody and parenting time are not rewards or punishments for past behavior or parenting roles. While two people may not be able to remain married, if they have chosen to have children, they will be connected for life. Roles and involvement may change after separation. The best time to begin parenting collaboration is now.

Our attorneys are focused on helping you and your spouse learn how to work together to find common ground. You can make the entire experience much more positive, and reduce some of the stress, for both you and your children. You and your co-parent will face difficult challenges over time. If you have a system in place that addresses these concerns, it will make everything easier for everyone involved.

Five Commandments Of Custody

As you go through the process of divorcing, Ms. Weerts suggests these five custody commandments:

  1. The only truth your children need to know is that you both love them unconditionally, and that this isn’t their fault.
  2. Take the high road — everyone wins when you do what’s best for your kids.
  3. Negotiate but don’t capitulate — if you are being pushed toward something detrimental for your children, stand your ground.
  4. Yelling is for sports — not court. Good lawyers strongly advocate without being disrespectful to opposing parties.
  5. You can only control yourself and how you respond. Don’t engage.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You Focus On The Future

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