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Solutions That Help You Divide Your Marital Property

During a divorce, the division of marital property is often one of the main topics of disagreements between the spouses. There is a common misconception that each spouse in the divorce is entitled to a 50-50 share of the marital property, but, the laws in both North Dakota and Minnesota require an “equitable,” but not necessarily equal, distribution of the couple’s assets and debts. This means an arrangement that is considered fair to both sides, which can be challenging when each side has a different idea of what they believe to be a fair result, and always depends upon the specific facts and circumstances of each marriage.

At Melinda Weerts Law, PLLC, we have helped many couples who have struggled with the division of their marital property. We understand that this is something that you will have questions about, and we will provide you information and answers that are based on your situation. We work very hard to reach a collaborative agreement on the issues so that you can focus on your future, while also ensuring your financial interests are not jeopardized.

A Comprehensive Review Of Your Case

Our lawyers will be extremely thorough when reviewing your case. We look at each item of property, and determine whether or not we believe it may be subject to division as part of your divorce. Minnesota and North Dakota laws differ substantially over what may be considered marital property, so it is important that you work with a law firm that understands the important issues that need to be analyzed in these cases.

We gather all of the information we need to get an accurate picture of the property that belongs to you and your spouse. If there are assets that are being hidden or concealed, we work with financial experts to uncover what is missing.

Our approach is to work together toward finding an agreement that works for all parties involved. We feel that by taking some of the stress and contention out of your case, you will have a more positive divorce experience, less expense, and the best results for you. However, if your spouse insists otherwise or tries to play dirty, we do not hesitate to skillfully bring the issues to the courtroom. This reputation is well known and provides leverage in negotiations on your behalf.

The Advice You Need To Get Things Right The First Time

You really only have one chance to divide your marital property. You are generally not able to revisit these agreements in the future. To learn more about your case, schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys by calling our Fargo office at 701-297-2234 or by sending us an email. We are licensed in both Minnesota and North Dakota, and represent clients throughout the Fargo-Moorhead region.