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Parenting Plans That Stand The Test Of Time

When couples are going through a child custody or parenting time battle, their main concerns are often focused on what they need. They make things difficult for their co-parent because they want to try to punish them for ending the relationship. The children become caught in the middle, and in the end, everyone is frustrated and unhappy.

Most parents do not want that for their children, and there is a different approach that you can take to your case. At Melinda Weerts Law, PLLC, our attorneys are committed to working together with you to address important areas of concern. It is our goal to help you and your spouse/co-parent dissolve the tension in your relationship so that you can concentrate on developing a custody and parenting time plan that is in the best interests of your children.

More About Our Role In The Process

With over two decades of experience handling custody cases, our attorneys have seen firsthand the devastating impact a divorce can have upon children. We want to help both parties stay focused on the kids’ future. Parents have to learn how to work together, or at least learn how to not work against each other. It is our goal to help you improve how you communicate with the other parent. Some of the methods that we use in these situations include:

  • Representing parents in mediation sessions involving custody or parenting time problems
  • Serving as mediators in disputes between parents
  • Working with or serving as parenting coaches to address areas of concern
  • Serving as parenting time expeditors in difficult custody cases

The reason that most parenting time and custody plans fail is because the parents do not think about how to address disagreements in the future. You need to know who will be ultimately responsible for making decisions about where your child will go to school, the medical care he or she should receive, the extracurricular activities he or she will be allowed to compete in, as well as other important issues that will constantly come up as your children develop and change.

The more time that you can commit to finding an agreement that covers these types of problem areas, the better chance you have of your plan lasting. So many parents find themselves going to court repeatedly over these sorts of things, leading to constant stress for everyone involved. It does not have to be that way.

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