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Using Collaboration Or Mediation To Solve Your Divorce Concerns

Not every divorce is handled inside the courtroom. While litigation is right for some situations, there are many more divorces where a more cooperative approach works better. Fighting over every single issue may not ever accomplish anything, and could leave you in a difficult position once your divorce is finalized. At Melinda Weerts Law, PLLC, our lawyers have extensive experience with both mediation and collaborative law, and we want to discuss some of the benefits of using these methods in your case.

Our Mediation Services

In mediation, the couple works with a third-party to address issues of concern. The spouses may retain counsel for the mediation session, or they may decide to represent themselves. The goal of mediation is to facilitate discussion that results in an agreement relating to child custody or the division of marital property.

Mediation is becoming much more common in both North Dakota and Minnesota, due to the many advantages that result when things are done right. The process allows you to discuss the most important issues to you in a stress-free forum while focusing on solutions to these concerns. Together, you and your spouse are able to look toward answers to your questions and develop an agreement that leaves both sides in a better place.

At our firm, we serve as mediators, or as representatives of the parties going through a divorce. We may also be retained to write up the agreements that result from the mediation sessions.

Our Collaborative Law Practice

In collaborative law, the parties all commit to work together to resolve a divorce in as conflict-free a manner as possible. Each spouse has an attorney, and the sides work together to come to an agreement. Experts, such as psychologists, financial accountants and others may be consulted to help resolve outstanding issues. The attorneys that represent each spouse in this process are unable to represent their client in court, should collaborative law prove to be unsuccessful. This gives clients an additional incentive to stay committed to the process even during the difficult times.

We serve as counsel for clients who wish to use collaborative law to handle their divorce. We have practical, hands-on experience resolving divorces in this manner, and know what to do when things get difficult. We are committed to protecting your interests at all times, and promote solutions that are focused on your concerns.

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