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Do You Really Have To Hire An Attorney To Handle Your Divorce?

Whether you have been thinking of divorce for some time or have recently been served divorce papers, you might have done some research about the divorce process. You may think that you and your spouse will have no problems resolving the issues that need to be addressed, and wonder if hiring a divorce attorney is really necessary.

At Melinda Weerts Law, PLLC, we have seen many people in your situation who have made the mistake of handling their divorces without an attorney. We wanted to take a few moments to discuss some of the benefits of hiring a member of our team to represent you in your divorce.

You will get answers that are specific to your situation. Many of us have had friends or relatives who have been through a divorce. Whether they worked with a lawyer or handled their own case, they may try to offer you helpful tips about some of the things that might impact your situation.

You need to know that each divorce is different. What worked for someone else may not be right for you. You have to get advice that is based on your specific needs. You need to get the information that will help you determine what is best for you.

When you work with our firm, we are not going to just tell you what you want to hear. We want you to understand exactly what is possible, and how we can achieve those goals during your divorce. We want you to be able to focus on making important decisions, and not get caught up in the emotions of the process.

You can get things right the first time. This is something we see over and over again. People come to us after they have been through a divorce because they need to make changes to certain provisions of their divorce agreements, which may not be possible in some circumstances.

Some people are afraid to spend money on an attorney because they think that they can handle this on their own. Remember, it is up to you to protect your interests during your divorce. The other side, no matter how cordial they seem, is focused on their specific concerns.

By working with a member of our team, you will have a lawyer that is looking out for you. We will be able to tell you exactly what issues need to be addressed, and help you develop a plan that solves your current problems. Maybe even more important – we make sure you are aware of issues that you and your spouse have not addressed that we have seen so often, so you and your spouse can discuss and plan for how things will be handled now. This can save you a tremendous amount of time, money and frustration as move forward.

You will be able to focus on your future. This is going to be an emotional time for you. Even if the divorce is something that you feel is for the best, you are still going to experience the stress that accompanies most divorces. This is a major change, and you will be unsure if it is the right move for you to make.

It is our goal to remove some of the stress that you may be feeling. We know that there are unpleasant feelings between you and your ex, and we want to move past those and focus on more important concerns. We want you to be able to think clearly about the decisions that you must make, and we help you understand the impact that these decisions have upon your life after divorce. We take our responsibilities to you seriously, because we want to see you come through this in a much more positive place.

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