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Diffuse, Determine, Diagnose: Taking On The Issues In Your Divorce

When we get married, we expect it to be for a lifetime. When the marriage ends, we can end up questioning our self-worth, feeling insecure and being frightened of the dynamics in our lives. Because emotions run high, and can exacerbate an already tender situation, Melinda Weerts Law, PLLC, uses a unique approach with our clients.

When meeting with her clients — whether during the initial meeting, during a negotiation, or when appearing in a courtroom — Ms. Weerts employs the diffuse, determine, diagnose method to identify what is driving all parties’ behaviors, and attempt to de-escalate the situation, returning the atmosphere to equilibrium. Simply put, she diffuses the anger and fear, determines the issues at hand, and diagnoses a remedy to the problem.

Lawyers That Care About Your Life After Divorce

Our attorneys strive to resolve a divorce by cooperation between all parties. Knowing that the future of your children is predicated on a fair resolution between spouses, we endeavor to work with all concerned to negotiate an equitable settlement. As part of our practice, our lawyers help with a number of issues related to divorce, including:

  • Determining an appropriate child custody and parenting time agreement that will allow both parents to be involved in the life of the child
  • Dividing the couple’s marital property and debts
  • Determining or revisiting child support or spousal support awards

When, for whatever reasons a settlement cannot be reached, Ms. Weerts will appeal to the court for just adjudication. Skilled and comfortable in the courtroom, Ms. Weerts has a reputation as a considerate and courteous attorney, which has won her the respect of the judiciary, as well as her peers.

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