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How a well-paying job or inheritance can cause a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2024 | Divorce |

A marriage can end for many reasons. A spouse may cheat on the other. Parents may have different opinions when it comes to raising their children. Many marital issues happen because of financial difficulties. A spouse who is unemployed and unwilling to find a job or hiding large amounts of debt can create resentment in a marriage.

Many people believe that being financially stable can lead to a healthy marriage. That’s not always true. A well-paying job or a large inheritance can breed issues in a marriage that may have already been prevalent. Here’s what you should know:

Stress, isolation and envy in a marriage 

Marriage is about balancing a lot of things. A well-paying job may be able to finance a home, a nice car, luxurious trips and many other expenses that can seem necessary for a strong marriage. However, well-paying jobs also take a lot of time and energy out of people. As a result, this can create two issues.

The spouse who’s working so much may be stressed and tired all of the time. These emotions can create tension in a marriage if a spouse feels the other is beholden to them. On the other hand, a spouse may feel isolated because the other is a “workaholic” and spends too much time at their job. They could seek comfort from someone else or feel resentment because their spouse is gone so much. 

A large inheritance or even lottery winnings may also create a plethora of marital issues. A large amount of money may cause a spouse to overspend. Or, there could be differences in how the money should be invested. These kinds of issues can lead to communication difficulties and frustration. A spouse may even feel envy if the other believes they should be solely in charge of the fortune

A high-asset divorce can become complicated. You may need to seek legal guidance to learn how you can protect your interests in a divorce. 

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