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3 reasons to keep off social media when getting divorced

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Divorce |

For many, social media is a perfect platform to share life’s accomplishments and setbacks with friends and family. And this is all fine. However, if you are dealing with a legal matter like divorce, it is important that you watch what you do (or do not do) online.

Here are three valid reasons why you are better off taking a break from social media while your divorce is underway:

1. Someone could be prying on your posts

You’ve probably heard the adage, “What you post online remains online.” Well, this is true, especially when you have a legal matter to deal with. Something benign like an angry rant on Facebook or TikTok about your soon-to-be ex might find its way into the divorce court. Even if you block your spouse from seeing your posts, a mutual friend might still access and pass this information to them.

2. Your activity can raise questions about your intentions

Money is often a big deal during divorce. Thus, posting photos of yourself out on expensive vacations or shopping sprees can prompt your spouse to question whether you are dissipating marital property. This can also impact your child and spousal support cases. For instance, photos of lavish spending could give the impression that you do not need spousal support after all.

3. Your custody case can be impacted

Children are even a bigger concern during divorce. Your spouse may gather photos of yourself and your friends partying and using drugs to demonstrate your unfitness for custody. And it does not matter whether these photos accurately reflect who you are in real life or whether it was a one-off.

If you post disparaging remarks about your spouse, your ex might also bring these forth to argue that you are likely to be a difficult co-parent.

If you are going through a divorce, the use of social media can set you up for serious pitfalls. You are better off avoiding social media altogether during these challenging times.

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