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Why is January called the divorce month?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Divorce |

Did you know that January has unofficially been designated Divorce Month for years now? This trend may boil down to one idea: the holidays. Most couples would rather not get divorced during the festive season, so this leaves January as the designated divorce month for marriages that are on the rocks in the later half of the year.

Parents, especially, may choose to give their kids one last holiday season when the family is together before they split. Other couples also stay together through the holiday, despite having decided about divorce, to keep up social appearances over the festive season.

What’s the January phenomenon?

The onset of a new year brings a wave of reflection and introspection. Couples who may have been contemplating the state of their relationship can feel compelled to confront lingering issues. The idea of a fresh start prompts individuals to reevaluate their priorities and consider the possibility of a life unburdened by the challenges of a failing marriage.

While the holiday season is typically associated with joy and togetherness, it can also be a time of heightened stress and expectations. The pressure to create picture-perfect moments can amplify existing tensions within relationships. As the festivities wind down, couples are left facing the reality of unresolved issues, often leading to a surge in divorce inquiries.

What external factors can lead to a January divorce?

The financial strain associated with holiday expenses can cast a shadow over the start of the New Year. Couples grappling with post-holiday debt may find themselves at a crossroads, with the financial burden becoming a catalyst for reevaluating the sustainability of their relationship.

Additionally, psychologically, the commencement of a new year symbolizes a fresh chapter in one’s life. This symbolism often prompts individuals to take decisive actions; for some couples, this means initiating divorce proceedings. The symbolism of a new year serves as a powerful motivator for those seeking significant life changes.

As couples grapple with the aftermath of the holiday season and embrace the promise of a new year, a surge in divorce filings becomes a testament to the human experience of seeking growth and fulfillment.

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