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5 reasons to change a child custody schedule

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Child Custody |

A child custody schedule helps establish the responsibilities and obligations you and your co-parent have for your child after a divorce. 

A child custody schedule may be difficult to follow for many reasons. When that happens, you may consider reaching out to your co-parent or the court to make changes. Here are a few reasons you might need to alter your child custody schedule

You’re planning on moving

It can be hard to move after a divorce, but it may be necessary if it means better living conditions and job opportunities. However, a child custody schedule may not work after you move. You may need to discuss with the court and your co-parent about how a move could impact the child’s well-being and how a new custody schedule can fix it.

Your school or work schedule changed

You likely don’t have a lot of control over your school or work schedule. If it suddenly changes, it could overlap with a custody schedule. Unless you can change your school or work schedule, you may need to ask for a new custody arrangement. 

You and the co-parent agree to a change

A custody schedule may change because you and your co-parent agree that it’s necessary. For example, you and your co-parent may have tried an experimental custody schedule, but it didn’t work. A new custody schedule could fix any issues. 

Your child developed medical issues

While you may not want to think about it, your child could develop a medical illness that requires you to give them more attention. However, your current custody schedule may make it harder to attend to your child’s needs, especially if the other parent can’t provide enough hours. A child’s well-being may affect your current custody schedule.

Your co-parent isn’t keeping to the schedule 

Adjusting to a custody schedule can be difficult, but you’ve likely managed to adapt. However, your co-parent may be struggling to keep to the schedule. A new custody schedule may be necessary so that your co-parent can attend to your child’s needs or so you can take on more responsibilities. 

A child custody schedule isn’t perfect. Many parents have to alter their schedules several times before something works for everyone. Parents struggling with their current child custody schedules may need to consider getting qualified legal guidance. 

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