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Factors that can influence the length of your divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Divorce |

It’s natural to wonder how long the divorce process will last. The faster it takes, the sooner you can move forward with your life. However, it is difficult to precisely tell how long your divorce will last, given the unique circumstances of each case.

You may be looking at several weeks or months for the legal process to conclude. Below are some factors that can weigh in the length of the divorce process in North Dakota.

The complexity of the issues involved

Your divorce process is likely to take longer to finalize if it involves considerable or intricate assets. Valuing these assets and negotiating their division can extend the process. Similarly, divorce involving kids can prolong proceedings. Crafting parenting plans centered on the children’s best interests requires extensive negotiations and court involvement when necessary, which can extend the timeline.

The willingness of the spouses to cooperate

The level of cooperation by the parties to a divorce can determine how long the process will last. Couples who work together and are open to negotiation and compromise can streamline decision-making, significantly expediting the process. On the other hand, a contested divorce or prolonged disputes over crucial aspects of the divorce can prolong the process.

Legal requirements and availability of court resources

You must meet North Dakota’s residency requirements for divorce, which is typically six months. You still have to go through the legal process, which depends on the court’s schedule and resources. Courts with heavy caseloads or procedural delays might prolong the divorce process.

It is imperative to seek legal guidance as soon as possible if you are readying yourself for divorce. It can offer invaluable insights and clarity while protecting your interests during the divorce process.

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