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Two reasons older couples choose to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Divorce |

Societal norms are shifting – and changing dynamics within many relationships. As a result, gray divorce is a phenomenon that has been gaining significant attention.

“Gray divorce” refers to the separation or divorce of couples in their 50s, 60s and beyond. It’s a trend that has been steadily on the rise. While many factors contribute to it, two reasons stand out.

The empty nest syndrome: Freedom after parenthood

One reason behind the increasing rate of gray divorce is the “empty nest syndrome.” As couples approach their later years, they often find themselves with grown children who have left home to pursue their own lives.

While raising children is a fulfilling experience, it can also be all-consuming. Once their children have flown the nest, many couples discover that they have grown apart over the years. The sudden freedom from parental responsibilities prompts them to reevaluate their relationship and consider whether they still share common interests and goals.

Financial independence: Pursuing individual dreams

Another significant factor in gray divorce is financial independence. In the past, many couples relied heavily on one spouse’s income (usually the husband’s) to support the family. However, with changing economic landscapes and opportunities for women in the workforce, both spouses now often have their own careers that would allow them to support themselves.

This newfound financial independence empowers individuals to pursue their dreams and passions, which may not align with their spouse’s ambitions. As a result, they may decide to part ways amicably in pursuit of individual happiness.

While these surprising reasons offer insight into the rising trend, it’s essential to remember that every couple’s situation is unique. As such, it helps you enlist the necessary legal guidance to navigate your marriage troubles.

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