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Child custody negotiations don’t have to be battles

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Child Custody |

Children who have parents going through a divorce often feel uncertain about how things are going to go since they’ll live in two homes. It’s up to the parents to ensure that the kids have what they need. During the divorce, decisions about child custody will have to be made.

It’s imperative that parents who are going through this take the time to consider the options that are available. This can ensure that the kids’ best interests are factored into every decision.

Leave the past out of the decisions

It’s often tempting to air out the laundry list of things you think your ex did at the end of the marriage, but this must not ever be done in child custody matters. The only thing from the past that matters is if there was abuse or neglect of the children. In the absence of those, it’s best to leave the marital issues out of these negotiations. It might help you to remember that poor spouses can still make excellent parents.

Current needs are important

Don’t try to think too far into the future when you’re working out child custody matters. The current needs of the kids are what you have to consider. The parenting plan can be changed as the child’s needs change.

Working out the terms of the parenting plan can be challenging. If you and your ex keep the focus on the kids and do what’s best for them, things might be a little easier. Remember, the sooner you get this set up, the quicker your children can adjust to living between two homes.

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