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Co-parents need a conflict resolution plan

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Child Custody |

Being a co-parent isn’t always an easy situation to be in. There are times when disagreements will happen, so having a plan for when this occurs benefits everyone involved. Taking the time to work through these points when there isn’t a disagreement occurring can help you get things in order for when you need them.

The top concern when there is a disagreement is that the needs of the children must always be met. Some disagreements can be quickly quelled by keeping that in mind. Think about these points to help even more:

Get the information

Before you make any decisions about the disagreement, you need to have all the information about it. This includes hearing your ex’s take on the matter so that you can think about the matter from all sides. Try not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about any aspect of the issue. Instead, take the time to clarify the points you don’t fully understand.

Take a step back

Unless the decision has to be made immediately, you should have the ability to take a step back to think about everything. This is a chance for you to calm down and consider the available options. You can also plan for what you will say when you speak to your ex. Remember that respect and clear communication are necessary.

The conflict resolution methods you decide to use should be included in the parenting plan. This enables you and your ex to review them when necessary so the conflicts can be resolved in a mature and amicable manner that benefits the children.

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