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Even an amicable divorce requires legal assistance

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Divorce |

The initial reaction when the word “divorce” is mentioned in North Dakota is that the couple is in dispute over every single issue large and small and the situation has grown so contentious that the end of a marriage is the only viable alternative. While that does happen in many cases, some divorces are relatively amicable with negotiation possible to avoid a rancorous and time-consuming battle. Even if the parties are on relatively good terms, however, it is still advisable to have legal assistance to ensure all the agreements are on solid legal ground and there is documentation over important issues.

For many, the decision to divorce is a culmination of tensions and disagreements that can no longer be accepted. Perhaps people married in quick fashion and, once they became more familiar with one another, decided that they were not an ideal pairing. Goals can change. Or there is a simple explanation of growing apart. If they had not gotten married, they could simply end the relationship. When there is a legal marriage, it is important to move on with a divorce.

Simply because a couple is not having the common divorce legal issues that come up in too many cases, it does not mean there are not important factors for which legal help is vital. If there is a business, both parties might want to be compensated fairly. Property division with a home, motor vehicle, bank accounts, retirement plans and more can be problematic. Spousal support might be wanted and needed. If there are children, there are the key matters of which parent will have primary residential custody and how visitation rights are addressed. Amicable does not mean simple.

When deciding to divorce, even spouses who have a good relationship and are friendly must remember their legal rights. A law firm that understands all aspects of family law can help with an out-of-court settlement or, if there are sticking points that cannot be negotiated, oversee a court case. Getting a fair divorce resolution can be achieved with experienced legal assistance.

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