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Can you end the fight with your ex once and for all?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Child Custody |

When you divorce, there’s a good chance that your troubles won’t immediately disappear. However, this is what some people expect to happen. Unfortunately, the divorced fighting can become even worse than it was before you made the decision to separate.

Why does this happen? When you’re married and have an argument, you try to work it out in some way. This may be a compromise or you two may argue until someone gives in. When you’re divorced, though, a difference of opinion can result in arguments that don’t end. No one gives up or in. In fact, you may even end up back in court, letting a judge make the ruling.

If children are involved, the fighting can get even worse. If you have a conflict resolution plan in your final divorce agreement, you may want to use it when it involves your children. This service isn’t cheap, but it can be very helpful and keep you out of court.

Constantly arguing with your ex can cause both of you a lot of stress. That can wear off onto the kids, too. Before you’re thinking about sending a nasty text message to your ex over something that really isn’t that important, why not consider letting this argument slide? There will of course be times when that’s simply not possible, but there are ways to deal with issues that don’t involve perpetual arguing.

If you must return to court, you may want to bring your divorce attorney with you. He or she is familiar with your case and that can be very helpful.

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