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Is it better to get divorced or stay in a bad marriage?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Divorce |

When divorce is a consideration, it can be easy to think about the negative things that will take place. “Will I always be alone?” “What will happen to the kids?” “Can I make it on my own?”

Instead of focusing on these negative thoughts, it’s important to think about the good things, too. Here are some reasons why divorce is better than staying a bad marriage:

— It’s better to be a single parent than show your children what an unhealthy relationship is like. Your children need to see healthy, happy relationships so that is what they expect in the future.

— A divorce is not the worst thing your kids can endure. It’s better for your children to see you and your spouse divorce if you two are living in a hostile environment at home.

— You deserve to have someone in your life who wants the relationship as much as you do. If your ex is the one who filed for divorce, you may wonder if you will find someone who wants to spend “eternity” with you. Being in a marriage without love is more than just difficult — it’s tragic. You deserve more.

— You gain happiness as you lose a spouse. You may find that you are much happier after your divorce than you were when you were married. Once you decide to end your marriage, you may feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Many couples stay together for the sake of the children or because they believe they can’t make it on their own. However, you may find that your home is happier than ever when it’s just you living there day by day.

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