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Ban on abortion triggers talk of adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2014 | Adoption |

A bill that just passed in Alabama is drawing comparisons to one that went through in North Dakota, at the state level, and then immediately was challenged by the federal government. This bill makes it illegal for any doctor who can hear a heartbeat to perform an abortion, which means that most pregnancies will not be able to be terminated after about six weeks.

Along with this bill, proposals were made to provide more money to be used for both sex education and adoption. In both cases, the amendments would provide $1 million. The hope, according to Patricia Todd, is that more people would then become involved in using adoption as an alternative to abortion. She stated that abortion is the thing that people hear about the most, that it is all over the news, but alluded to the fact that it is not the only issue. She also sees the lack of education about adoption to be a serious issue that needs to be addressed at the same time.

The bill that passed before in North Dakota did not last long before it was passed on to the federal court, which is why many people think that the same thing is going to happen with this new bill in Alabama. Abortion is legal in the United States because of the decision in Roe vs. Wade, which is a 40-year-old case. Some people have even suggested that those who are proposing this new bill are seeking to overturn that decision, though the lawmakers have denied that that is their goal.

Regardless of the decision when it comes to abortion, it would certainly be beneficial for people in either North Dakota or Alabama to be given more education about adoption so that they can fully understand their rights and their opportunities.

Source: The Piedmont Journal, “House passes fetal heartbeat abortion ban; three other abortion restriction bills also pass” Tim Lockette, Mar. 04, 2014

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