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Ex-governor Palin’s daughter fighting over custody of her son

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2013 | Child Custody |

Many in North Dakota have followed the saga of Bristol Palin, her pregnancy, and the birth of her son ever since she appeared at the Republican National Convention in 2008 with her baby’s father, Levi Johnston. After her mother, Governor Palin, was nominated for Vice President, publicity followed Bristol Palin and her son Tripp, who is now four years old. The latest chapter involves a child custody battle between Bristol and the father of her son.

The father is requesting that he be awarded shared custody, while the mother does not think that is appropriate. She asserts that the 23-year-old father, formerly her high school sweetheart, has been irresponsible by falling $67,000 behind on his support obligations. She also claims that he is a neglectful father, failing to make regular visits to see his son. She states that Johnston has seemed to find plenty of money for his own traveling, hunting, and cars, even as his unpaid child support has continued to build up.

The mother also argues that the father is essentially voluntarily out of work and very deeply in debt. After his high profile engagement to Bristol Palin was broken off, he married someone else and now has a daughter with the new wife. In his defense, he did seem to at least be appalled when his young son used profanity on a television show.

Child custody cases involving celebrities may be more high profile, but they involve much the same issues as any child custody case. Determining what’s in the best interests of the child and weighing the ability of a person to provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere are the top priorities.

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