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What are the challenges to birdnesting?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Child Custody |

Birdnesting is a child custody solution that allows the children to share the family home. They never have to move, but their parents take turns living in the home with them. Their father may have custody for one week, for instance, while their mother has custody the following week.

That sounds like a great solution to many people who are trying to make their divorce easier on their children. It provides more stability, the children never have to leave their home and they still get to see both parents. But what are some of the challenges and downsides that come along with this type of solution?

Parents are still sharing a home

One issue is that parents are still going to be sharing a home and a property. Who pays for upkeep? Who pays the mortgage or the property taxes? Who has to do daily chores or clean up around the house? Divorced parents need to have a very clear plan in place and they need to be able to work together to do these things.

Parents need another home

Birdnesting can also be expensive because both parents will need another place to live if they are not in the home with the children. This may mean that each parent has to pay a portion of the mortgage on the family home and then another mortgage on the new home that they own alone.

They have to be on relatively good terms

Finally, birdnesting only really works for those who are going through an amicable divorce. Parents have to be able to work with each other, communicate, cooperate, compromise and put their children first. Depending on the situation and why the divorce took place, some couples cannot do this.

That being said, birdnesting is only one potential solution. Parents need to carefully consider all of the options that they have while keeping their legal rights in mind.

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