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4 questions to ask when you’re working out child custody plans

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Child Custody |

Your child custody agreement will help decide who has your kids and when. There are a lot of dates, times and factors to include in a custody order. 

You may need to ensure you’re covering all your bases so you have your children at the best times. Here’s what you should ask yourself:

1. What holidays do you want to celebrate with the kids?

Many families celebrate holidays together, but maybe that isn’t how it’ll work in the agreement. You may need to consider what holidays you’d like to spend with your children. If you can’t get your kids exactly on the holidays you want, maybe you can plan a make-up day.

2. Will your kids’ school affect your custody time?

While you may see your children through summer, your kids eventually have to go back to school. Depending on who has your kids during school hours, you may need to consider who takes them and picks them up to the bus stop, the school, assemblies and other school-associated things.

3. Will your work get in the way of your kids’ time?

Your time with your kids may be cut short if you work. If both parents work long hours, will you need to consider a nanny? Maybe you have days free from work you’d like to see your kids that could be included in a parenting plan.

4. Do you want to take your kids on vacations?

Is family vacation a tradition for your kids? If you’re planning on vacations with your kids, you may need to consider what accommodations need to be made in your parenting plan for that schedule – and what concessions you may need to make in return. 

If you’re debating when you get to see your kids, you may need to reach out for experienced legal help to ensure you know your options.

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