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Plan now for summer custody schedules

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Child Custody |

Although you can’t prove it by the weather, summer vacation is not that far away. If you are newly separated or divorced, this might be the first season that you will have to deal with a summer co-parenting schedule.

Below are three tips for a smoother transition for children when moving between their parents’ homes:

1. Communication is key

Never assume anything. If your co-parent is unclear about some of their summer plans for vacation and/or custody, that needs to be clarified as soon as possible. This way, both parents can plan accordingly for their own vacation time with the kids with no conflicting schedules.

2. Respect one another

While you no longer are married to one another, hopefully, you are still able to maintain a respectful and civil relationship with one another when dealing with matters affecting the kids. Your children should never hear you disparaging their other parent.

If one parent’s home is highly regimented and the other is a free-for-all, the children will struggle with transitioning from one home to another during summer custody exchanges. The kids don’t have to have the exact bedtime at both homes, but it’s generally easier if the rules at both homes are not polar opposites of one another.

3. Include summer custody in your parenting plan

If you are freshly split from your spouse, there may not yet be a parenting plan in place. As you move through the North Dakota divorce process, you will want to hammer out a summer custody plan with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

If the two of you are still struggling to keep things civil between you, there are various co-parenting apps you can use to communicate solely about the children and their best interests.

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