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Think like a judge to find custody solutions for your family

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Child Custody |

If you are reading this, you may be struggling with the many divorce decisions that can affect your children. Along with marital property, child custody and support are among the most challenging elements of divorce.

Many divorcing parents struggle to make these choices, often because the emotions that plague divorce can increase uncertainty or self-doubt. Sometimes, thinking like a family court judge helps put the matter into perspective so that co-parents can find a child custody solution that works.

Best interests of the child

Do you know how judges make tough decisions in divorces involving children? They aren’t cold-hearted, but they have learned to view each situation objectively to identify a custody arrangement that preserves the child’s best interests.

An objective viewpoint allows courts to ignore distractions or irrelevant issues and focus solely on the kids of divorce. Through this impartial lens, they examine several factors to determine custody arrangements or approve the plan created by co-parents.

Some examples of factors that courts in North Dakota rely on to identify a child’s best interests include each parent’s:

  • Existing bond with the kids
  • Ability to provide and care for the children
  • Home environment and stability
  • Moral suitability
  • History of domestic violence, if any

Family judges also examine the willingness of each parent to encourage a continued close relationship between the other parent and the children.

You likely cannot see your situation as objectively as a family court judge. Still, striving for impartiality during child custody decisions can help ensure that you see the bigger picture and make choices that serve your kids instead of yourself. Legal assistance can help your decision-making process.

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