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Enforcing child support when parents live in different states

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Child Support |

Even without any outside factors or complications, child support is complex in the U.S. It is easy for the parent responsible for paying support to make errors. Child support is even more complicated if you live near your co-parent but in another state.

For example, Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota are very close neighbors, but they may have different child support regulations. It is vital to avoid confusing one district’s laws with the other jurisdiction.

How does child support work across state lines?

If your co-parent lives in Fargo and you live elsewhere, North Dakota may refer the case to your location through a process called an outgoing intergovernmental case. It does this when it lacks the authority to handle out-of-state situations or has exhausted its enforcement options.

The agency in charge of child support in your district will take charge of your case. You will receive notification of your obligations, including the amount you must pay. If you have any questions or concerns about your case, you must contact the agency in your state for answers.

Always meet your support obligations

Your child support agency will be responsible for collecting your payments and distributing them to your co-parent and child. If you fail to meet your support obligations, you will be subject to the enforcement methods (wage garnishment, etc.) approved for use in your jurisdiction.

The information here represents only a fraction of what you need to know if you live outside of your co-parent’s jurisdiction. It might be beneficial to learn more about family law to avoid violating your child support order. If you are the North Dakota parent receiving child support across state lines, it is also wise to seek more information.

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