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North Dakota will sometimes award grandparents visitation rights

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Child Custody |

Being a grandparent means that you plan an important support role in the life of your grandkids. You may provide babysitting while their parents work or just occasionally have special days with your grandchildren. You might even help cover the costs of their needs, like new shoes for school.

Many grandparents make arrangements to see their grandchildren by communicating with their child or the other parent. You’ve likely been a staple at holiday gatherings, birthday parties and special school events, like spelling bees. The parents communicate these events with you, and you make a point of being there for the grandkids.

Unfortunately, that means that if your child divorces the other parent or the relationship turns sour, you may have a hard time gaining access to your grandchildren. A parent intent on cutting their ex out of their child’s life might also try to prevent their extended family from having contact with the children.

If you, as a grandparent, can’t spend time with your grandchildren, North Dakota law allows you to request formal visitation rights.

As long as your presence will support the child, you can request visitation

When a North Dakota family law judge has to make decisions about custody, visitation and other matters affecting the lives of minor children, they must always focus on what will be best for those kids. Maintaining their closest relationships is often very important.

As a grandparent, you have likely played an active role in your grandchildren’s lives and care for them deeply. Your time spent with the children will be as beneficial for them as it will be for you. If you can show that you have a positive pre-existing relationship with the children, family law judges in North Dakota are legally able to grant you visitation rights if the parent of your grandchild has tried to prevent you from interacting with them.

You may need evidence to support your claim that visitation would be good for the kids. Records from phone calls or video chats, pictures from get-togethers and even statements from other family members could convince a judge that your relationship with the grandchildren is beneficial and worth preserving with visitation rights.

Learning the basics about grandparents’ rights and other custody laws in North Dakota can help you protect one of your most important relationships.

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