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What if your parents can’t handle your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2021 | Divorce |

Getting divorced in North Dakota or elsewhere in the nation usually means that you have plenty to do and think about. You have to adjust to a totally new life without your partner. Your kids have to navigate new lives as well, which can be tough for them. You might have to find a new place to live. Your finances might need restructuring. Your friends may have trouble getting used to you being on your own.

You can hit other major snags, too. There is your parents’ reaction to your divorce. You may say that you are an adult and what they think doesn’t matter that much. For a lot of people, however, their folks’ opinion still counts. If your mother and father oppose your split, don’t understand why it happened or fail to be in you corner when you need them most, you may feel disappointed or even resentful.

Some reasons why your parents aren’t supportive when you get divorced

There can be many explanations why your mother and father are not behind you now. Here are a few typical reasons:

  • You and your spouse concealed the rift in your relationship so well that your parents may not believe there were even problems.
  • They may care so deeply about your ex that they may fear not seeing him or her after the two of you part ways permanently.
  • Your parents are fretting over not hearing from or seeing you and the kids as much as they did before the divorce.
  • If your folks resolved their marital differences, they may not understand why you and your partner could not.

Fortunately, there are ways to heal this situation. Talk to your parents about what went haywire in your marriage without disclosing too much. Let them know how much their support means to you. Tell them their relationship with their grandchildren won’t be impacted. Mention that when the dust settles, you will be alright.

Going through a divorce isn’t easy. Nevertheless, with enough emotional and legal support, you and your family can definitely survive it.

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