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Fostering and adoption in North Dakota: Some important things to know

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Adoption |

It isn’t unusual for parents who foster a child to eventually seek to adopt their ward, and adoption is an excellent way to grow your family and give a child the family life that they deserve.

If you are interested in the foster care program as a path toward adoption, you can find out more from the North Dakota Department of Human Services. This department controls the placement of foster children so that it can be sure that the children in its care go to good homes and families who love them.

Should you foster a child?

Fostering is a 24-hour responsibility. It’s out-of-home care for children who cannot live with their parents or family members because those individuals can’t or won’t provide for their needs. Foster children are normally removed from the home by court order and are placed into the custody of a public agency, like the Tribal Social Services or County Social Services.

Can you foster an American Indian child?

If your family is involved in a tribal community or is American Indian, then you may want to look into fostering or a child through the tribal offices. Around 5% of residents in North Dakota are American Indians, and the state usually prefers that these children stay within families of their own culture. This helps them continue to learn about their cultural history and preserve the indigenous community. 

What if you’re ready to adopt a foster child?

If you’re interested in adopting your foster child, that’s wonderful for you — and the child you love. An attorney can help you learn more about the adoption process as it relates to foster children and what challenges you may face. 

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