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2 ways social media complicates divorce and 1 way it can help

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Divorce |

Going through a divorce has always been difficult, but the proliferation of social media has made it that much worse. Constant digital contact and social posting can make it harder than ever for two people to gracefully separate from one another.

Social media can definitely cause complications and stress during your divorce, but it can also benefit you as well.

Venting on social media can affect your legal case

Many people think of social media as a platform from which they can communicate with all of their friends and acquaintances simultaneously. Unfortunately, if you choose to share information about your partner’s infidelity or make allegations that they did something illegal, publicly sharing that could have implications for your divorce.

The things you say about your ex can wind up used as evidence against you in alimony, property division or custody proceedings.

You’ll have frequent reminders about your divorce and your ex

Social media has made it possible for more people to know one another’s business than ever before. It has also made it easier for people to recall important dates.

Different platforms may remind you of significant events in the past, like the anniversary of your engagement. Repeat reminders about your past or people sending you your ex’s current post about their new relationship can make it much harder to move on.

Social media allows you to block and unfollow people

The plus side to living in a world connected by social media during a divorce is that it only takes a few clicks to limit what you see and who has access to you.

You can block your ex and their inner circle so that they can’t even see what you post. You can also restrict things so that only your friends see them. You can even choose to remain friends with some of these people on social media but filter them out of your content or unfollow them, so you don’t see their updates.

Although social media can make your divorce harder, it can also make moving on easier both during and after your divorce.

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