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Signs that co-parenting is no longer working

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Child Custody |

Parenting, although rewarding, is not always easy. And in matters where parents part ways due to divorce, the ease of parenting is especially strained, as it can be challenging for divorced parents to get along – even for the sake of their children. Nonetheless, many divorced parents in North Dakota embark on the co-parenting journey. Unfortunately, this can evolve in a greater challenge for some. A toxic marital relationship could transfer to the co-parenting relationship.

Making co-parenting work after divorce

While divorced parents do not need to be the best of friends, they do need to focus on the best interests of their children. For most, this means communicating adequately and getting along for the children and in front of the children. However, healthy collaboration is not always possible, resulting in co-parenting to no longer work.

Signs co-parenting isn’t working

Because children thrive on routine and structure, one major sign that co-parenting is not working is when the rules and routines set for the children are ignored by one parent. If these were already agreed-upon and one parent chooses to now ignore them, this could cause an emotional and stressful experience for everyone involved because it can cause chaos in the child’s life and conflict between the parents.

When parents constantly run the other parent down, this is a sure sign that trust and positive communication is not occurring. Additionally, when a compromise can never be reached, this is another sign that co-parenting is not working. Other signs include sending inappropriate messages, rubbing alimony and child support in the face of the other parent and being constantly rude to the other parent in public.

Resolving co-parenting issues

If divorced parents are unable to work through these co-parenting pitfalls, it is important to understand ways to resolve these matters. In some cases, it may be appropriate to re-visit a child custody agreement. A legal action may be necessary to alter the custody plan in place, modifying it in order to meet the best interests of the children involved.

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