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Bird-nesting: An alternative child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Child Custody |

Even after a divorce, parents in Fargo will remain tied to each other through the common goal of raising their children. Parents might assume that their only options for custody involve the child moving from one household to the other either through joint custody or sole custody and visitation. However, one solution that may best suit some parents and children is a concept called “birds nesting.”

What is “bird-nesting?”

In a bird-nesting arrangement, the child will stay in the family home and the parents will take turns rotating between living with the child in the family home during their custody time, and living in a separate apartment when it is not their custody time. This way, the child remains in the place they’re attached to.

Cooperation is key

However, birds nesting involves a certain amount of cooperation. Parents need to work out who will pay the mortgage, utilities and insurance on the family home, as well as who will be responsible for maintenance and chores. Parents will also have to agree on rules and schedules for the child, so the child’s life has a sense of consistency regardless of which parent is living with them at the time. Also, parents will need to be able to afford rent in a separate apartment.

Will birds nesting work for you?

Ultimately, birds nesting is a cooperative solution for some parents who are interested in alternatives to standard child custody arrangements. For some, it offers families the ability to thrive post-divorce. However, it does involve a lot of cooperation between parents. They also must be able to afford both the family home and an apartment. Ultimately, parents will need to make decisions that are reasonable and that are in the child’s best interests. Attorneys in the Fargo area understand child custody issues and can explain what options are available to their clients.

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