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Practical tips for helping kids navigate divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce is often most difficult for the youngest members of the family. Naturally, children struggle when their parents spilt up, and you understand the importance of helping them navigate this difficult time of transition. There are steps North Dakota parents can take to ease the mental and emotional stress that a divorce can cause for children.

Even when parents are amicable and resolved to help their children as much as possible, it can still be a difficult time. One of the most important things you and the other parent can do is work for a reasonable and fair custody order. Providing the kids with stability and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible is a practical way to help your kids adjust and move on with their lives.

Helping your kids in a difficult time 

The end of your marriage will bring many significant changes to your life, but also to the lives of your children. It is normal to focus on things like your financial security, property division and other factors, but during this time, do not overlook the needs of your children. Some of the things you can do include the following:

  • Refrain from sharing details with your children that are too personal or too complex for them to really understand, especially if it could harm their relationship with the other parent.
  • Be up front with your children about what is happening, and don’t put off telling them about the divorce.
  • Try to maintain some consistency for the children regarding schedules, daily routines, discipline and other matters, even when they go between two houses.
  • Allow your children the freedom to speak about their feelings and talk through the difficult emotions they have. It can help to reflect on good memories you all have together.

Divorce is a difficult, messy and emotional time of transition, but with effort and a desire to put their needs above your own, you can help your children walk through this difficult time.

Parental rights and a fair custody order

It is possible to secure a custody order that is beneficial for the children while still protecting your parental rights. It is not easy to navigate these issues alone, and you may find significant benefit in working with an experienced attorney who can explain your options and help you pursue a final custody and visitation order that will provide your family with stability and security for years to come.

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