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January and the rise of new divorce filings

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2019 | Divorce |

Many people start off the New Year seeking a fresh start for many reasons. From losing weight to achieving new career goals, the start of a new calendar year offers many the opportunity for a fresh beginning. This can apply to relationships as well, and many people choose the first months of the year to file for divorce. 

As you may know, divorce filings spike at the beginning of each New Year. There are many reasons for this, and if you believe this is the right course of action for you in January, the time to start preparing is now. There are significant benefits to looking ahead and preparing for divorce, and it may be helpful to start by examining why you want to make this decision.

“Divorce month” and your future

It is true that January sees a spike in the number of new people filing and preparing to file for divorce, and for this reason, some call it “divorce month.” One reason for this is because people do not want to start a complex and stressful process in the middle of the holidays. January is a popular month for divorce for the following reasons:

  • The holidays also often bring about complex emotions and difficult situations that may make it apparent to some that it is time to move forward with divorce.
  • Couples planning to divorce may wait until after the holidays in order to allow the children one last holiday season together.
  • The holidays can be sentimental and give couples the illusion that they can make it work, but after the first of the year, the feeling changes.

No matter the reason why you are considering divorce after the start of the New Year, it is helpful to use these next weeks to think about your goals, your concerns and your hopes for the future. 

What can you do now?

If you are planning on making significant life changes in 2019, you can start preparing and planning now. Divorce will change your life in significant ways, and it is prudent to lay the foundation now for a strong post-divorce future.

Some people planning to divorce may also find it helpful to discuss their concerns with an experienced North Dakota family law attorney. Seeking guidance now can help you prepare for what is ahead and understand the specific legal options available to you.

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