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OneDrive gives you access to your legal docs when you want them

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2018 | Blog |

What do you want from a legal office? Obviously, you would want a competent staff and an attorney who is good in his her or her field, but what else do you want? Have you thought about accessibility to any documents you are having or have had prepared for you? If you have not, you should.

Here is the thing: many law firms in North Dakota and across the country are only willing to work with clients face to face. They limit their accessibility to regular working hours and only allow clients to access documents upon request and give them out in person. Does that make sense in a digital world?

The OneDrive difference

Obviously, there are some things in the legal world that require face time with an attorney, but having access to your legal documents is not necessarily one of them. Firms that use OneDrive, an online file-sharing program created by Microsoft, allow their clients to access their legal documents whenever they want them. Other than accessibility, what are the benefits of using OneDrive?

Benefit number one: Security

A big concern when it comes to sharing legal documents online is security. It makes sense; no one wants their documents to end up in the wrong hands. While OneDrive is an online file-sharing program, administrator settings and permissions make it possible to only share client information with specific people. There are also external sharing options, so clients can choose who else can see their information.

Benefit number two: On-demand syncing

Want to access your documents on more than one device? That is no problem with OneDrive. On-demand syncing allows you to sync all your documents to multiple devices.

Benefit number three: Offline work

If you want to download your documents to your own device, this is something you can do with the offline feature. That way, you can keep a copy without having to go online to get it.

While some people may not feel that full access to legal documents on any device any time of day is a big deal, there are those who would appreciate having this level of accessibility. Again, it is not something all firms offer, so if it is something you think is important to you and your legal needs, be sure to ask if it is something offered before signing on with an attorney.

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