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North Dakota couples often divorce for these reasons

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Divorce |

Whether you’ve been married for only a year or two, or have been with your spouse for a decade or more, you’ve likely encountered challenges in your relationship. Some problems are naturally more easily resolvable than others are. For instance, as newlyweds, you may have had to learn to compromise about minor issues, such whether or not to sleep with a fan on or how much money to spend on groceries per week.

Other marital problems are not only more serious, but may lead to divorce when North Dakota spouses can’t come to an agreement or get past their feelings of hurt or betrayal. If you’re considering divorce or have already filed papers, you’ll need a strong support system to help you rebound and build a new future.

Issues that often cause divorce

You might read the following list and relate to every single issue or your personal reasons for getting divorced might be different. However, many spouses say that one or more of these things prompted their decisions to end their marriages:

  • Not being able to agree about money matters
  • Parenting problems
  • When a spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Someone had an extramarital affair
  • Lack of affection or companionship
  • Lack of physical intimacy
  • No longer having shared interests

Sometimes, one of these issues may lead to others. For instance, a lack of physical intimacy in a marriage can place strain on a spouse who winds up feeling neglected and may turn to someone outside the marriage for comfort, thus leading to an affair. Your situation may not be the same as another person’s, but most people who divorce find they have certain things in common with others who have gone down similar paths.

One you make a final decision

Getting divorced is a serious, life-changing decision that can have negative as well as positive impacts on your life. You may feel sad, angry or worried about your future and talking to others who have gone through divorce may provide insight and comfort. If you’re facing legal problems, it’s always a good idea to research state laws and tap into local resources for guidance.

The more you know about protecting your rights and interests, the easier you’ll be able to leave the past behind and build a new, successful future for yourself and your children. Things may change, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that things will change for the worse.

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