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Protecting your rightful parenting time with your kids

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When facing divorce, North Dakota parents are rightfully concerned with the well-being of their children. These concerns do not stop simply because the divorce is final. In fact, you may continue to have concerns about your kids and your custody order well into the future. One of your concerns may relate to the possibility of parenting time interference.

Parental time interference occurs when one parent intentionally undermines the rights of the other parent. This can happen by preventing the child from seeing or communicating with his or her other parent. There are many ways this can occur, and if you think it happened to you, you would be smart to take quick action to protect your rights and your role as an active and loving parent.

Types of interference that could threaten your rights

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if what you are experiencing is actually interference of your parenting time and not just a dispute with the other parent. Disputes between two parents can occasionally lead to one taking inappropriate measures, but you do not have to stand for it. Parental time interference can compromise your rights in the following ways:

  • Indirect interference: This happens when one parent works to prevent the child from communicating with his or her other parent, such as forbidding or disrupting phone calls. It can also occur when one parent disparages the other parent in front of the child or tries to influence the child to feel negatively about the other parent. 
  • Direct interference: This might happen when the other parent physically disrupts or prevents your rightful parenting time, such as taking the child without permission or moving the child to another state.

You have the right to fight back, seeking a reasonable remedy for what you experienced. It may be possible secure make-up parenting time, make modifications to your parenting time schedule, or require the other parent to pay expenses or attend counseling. 

The well-being of your child is at stake 

When your rights as a parent are at stake, the well-being of your child could suffer. You can take quick action to assert your rights and seek a long-term solution to your current problem.

It can be helpful to start with a complete evaluation of your case in order to determine if you are actually experiencing parenting time interference, and if you are, how you can fight it. With guidance, you can restore your parenting time and maintain your important role in the life of your child.

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