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Everything said about divorce is not true

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You are the only one who can decide if filing for divorce is the most viable option in your current marital situation. If you conduct a survey asking people to state facts they know about divorce, you might discover that much of what some people think is fact is actually fiction. If you plan to navigate the civil justice system, you’ll want to learn the difference between divorce myths and valid data that can help you make informed decisions.

One of the biggest myths in North Dakota and throughout the nation is that divorces only occur if people don’t try hard enough to save their marriages. You may have worn yourself ragged trying to resolve your marital problems, but that doesn’t mean efforts always produce successful results. Some people find themselves in situations where the damage is irreparable. That does not necessarily mean they didn’t try to make things work. Arming yourself with correct information and knowing where to find support when you need it is half the ballgame.

Fact or fiction?

Is it true that all children whose parents divorce wind up permanently damaged and dysfunctional? This is an example of a divorce myth that causes many people to doubt their own decisions. As a good parent, you want what’s best for your kids. Divorce doesn’t necessarily have to mean you are not providing that. The following list includes other fact vs fiction issues that may impact your current circumstances:

Fiction: Half of all marriages end in divorce.

Fact: Although approximately 40 percent or more spouses eventually divorce, the rumored one out of every two is likely exaggerated. Of those who divorce, some actually reunite with their spouses at some point.

Fiction: Divorce is always more difficult for women than it is for their male counterparts because the males are the ones filing for divorce in the first place.

Fact: Gender is irrelevant when it comes to how a particular person comes to terms with his or her divorce; in reality, far more women file for divorce than men.

Fiction: Divorce breaks the bank.

Fact: Many people in North Dakota and elsewhere are able to keep financial costs as low as possible when they divorce. Also, those that act alongside experienced representation in court are often able to minimize the post-divorce financial implications of the process as well.

As long as you remember not to believe everything you hear and are not afraid to reach out for experienced assistance if a problem arises, you have a good chance of achieving a positive outcome.

Guidance support

Many North Dakota spouses turn to experienced family law attorneys to help sort fact from fiction and provide strong legal support throughout the divorce process.

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