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Divorce secretes hidden from soon-to-be ex-spouses

If you are separating from your spouse after several years of marriage, you may wonder if he or she has some secrets tucked away that could affect your bottom line financially. According to several divorce attorneys, almost every couple does, but some, are far worse secrets than others are. Here are a few of the most extreme secrets that came to light during divorce or long afterwards:

-- Lots of hidden property: One man hid an expensive ocean-front penthouse and an offshore oil rig in his divorce. Twenty years later, the very ex-wife discovered the properties after the man died and left the properties to their sons. A quick property history made it easy to determine that the properties were held during the marriage.

-- A fake engagement ring: A man was worried that he wouldn't get the engagement ring back, so tells his divorce lawyer that he switched the ring with one just like it -- although it was a fake.

-- A secret family (or two): Close to the end of the divorce proceedings, it was learned that the man had another name and family. Each family lived on opposite coasts. Later in an effort to avoid family court, the man moved to live his wife and family in the Czech Republic.

As you can see, it is possible to hide assets, debts and even families when divorcing. However, this is never a good idea. An experienced attorney can locate these items and people, which will not be looked favorably upon by the divorce court judge.

Source: Yahoo!, "10 Divorce Lawyers Reveal the Most Insane Secrets Couples Have Hidden from One Another," Caralynn Lippo, March 14, 2017

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