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There is no perfect family for adoption

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Adoption |

One of the most persistent myths about adoption is that only “perfect” families are considered. But what does that mean? A white picket fence and a home in the suburbs? A home in the city with all sorts of amenities for the kids? A steady job with a good wage to buy things for the children? A part-time job so parents can be around the kids more?

There’s no perfect family. Adoption agencies aren’t looking for just one type of person. Kids are different, families are different, and many different people can adopt. All that matters is giving the children loving homes where their needs are met. This doesn’t have to look the same in every case.

Officials note that none of the following will sway adoption eligibility:

— Race.– Physical appearance.– Sexual orientation.– Lifestyle.– Gender.– Religion.– Age.– The size of the family.

Moreover, marital status isn’t even considered. There’s often an assumption that agencies want young married couples to raise kids. While young married couples absolutely may be considered, those who are divorced or who have never been married can also be considered. Again, the focus is simply on the child and whether or not he or she will get a loving home.

If you’re considering adoption, make sure you don’t buy into any of the myths about the process. Regardless of your situation, you have the same rights as anyone else. Spend your time and energy looking into all of the legal steps that you’ll need to take if you want to get the process started.

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