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Facebook and divorce

On Behalf of | May 27, 2016 | Divorce |

Facebook hasn’t always existed, but we can’t deny the reality of how it affects the modern context of dating, marriage and divorce. The fact is that we see pictures of our spouses, girlfriends and exes that we might not want to see — or that we are psychologically better off not seeing. These photographs, comments and information can cause unwarranted suspicions, disagreement and strife in a relationship. Facebook is even cited as one of the reasons the breakdown of the marriage in many divorce proceedings.

Facebook is also difficult for ex-spouses to deal with during and after their divorce proceedings. For example, some ex-spouses might feel sad and excluded if they see pictures of the other spouse hanging out with people who used to be their mutual friends but now they are not. Facebook also has a way of making people think that other people are happier than then and this can lead someone to feel as if his or her life is boring.

There is also the way that Facebook has of exposing people to unwanted criticism and gossip. Perhaps a picture surfaces that shows an ex-spouse with a new boyfriend or girlfriend but this person is not ready to reveal this kind of information to friends. This can expose someone to unwanted gossip and it can be damaging to the person’s sense of emotional safety.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Facebook information could be used against someone in family court proceedings, especially inappropriate photos. Facebook posts that paint someone in a negative light could negatively affect that person’s asset division and child custody ruling.

North Dakota residents going through divorce are always advised to be careful on social media to ensure that no information is released that could hurt them in their divorce proceedings. Those who have questions about Facebook and divorce — and what could potentially be used against them in social media — may want to investigate the issue with a qualified divorce lawyer.

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