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Changes to divorce law do not make North Dakota ballot

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Divorce |

Signatures were collected in North Dakota for a number of different things that were supposed to be voted on during the upcoming elections, which will happen in June. There were four different measures being considered, and all were expected to make the cut. Three, however, failed to make it on the ballot.

One would have used the taxes from oil revenue to spur different conservation initiatives in the state. Another would have put the opening day for the local schools later in the year — after Labor Day. The last would have changed the rights that parents have in divorce cases. Exactly how those rights would have been changed was not specified.

However, it no longer matters, because those three petitions are going to be left off of the ballot, no matter how many people wanted to vote for them or how many signatures were collected. There is a deadline for new measures in North Dakota, and it has come and gone. None of the new petitions were officially submitted with the proper paperwork, and so they cannot be considered until the next election. This year’s election will take place on June 10, so it will be more than a year before any of the three are signed into state law.

Ironically, one measure did go through. If it passes, it will change the deadline for those who want to submit ballot petition measures, extending it from its current length of 90 days to a more formidable 120 days. Next year, it may be easier to get the petition involving divorce rights on the actual ballot.

Couples in North Dakota who may be getting divorced in the future need to keep an eye on the current laws and regulations. This way, they know exactly what rights they have through all stages of the process.

Source: The Republic, “Supporters of 3 initiated measures fail to submit for North Dakota’s June statewide election” No author given, Mar. 14, 2014

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