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When a moneyed spouse turns into a bully during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Divorce |

Not all North Dakota divorces involve quick property division decisions. In fact, one partner may end up attempting to intimidate the other, or even issue financial threats, during the divorce proceeding. One spouse may become irrationally angry and make unfair statements that brutalize the other party. For example, moneyed spouses have been known to tell their partners that they will lose the children and end up on the streets; others say they would rather give all of their money to their attorneys to fight the divorce, instead of handing over a dime to their partners. Although those threats can seem scary at the time, it is critical to realize that you have options if you are being intimidated as the non-moneyed spouse. Today, some tips about handling a financially contentious divorce.

Non-moneyed spouses face the very real threat that their partner could be hiding assets, lying to legal representatives or even spending money that should be tied to the marital estate. Be vigilant. Make sure that you are able to access all financial documents, and think rationally about your spouse’s threats. While some spouses are simply spewing off in order to relieve stress, others may give you clues to relevant financial risks.

Further, be sure that your divorce attorney provides you with the relevant information about legal requirements in the state of North Dakota. You may need to know how retirement accounts are divided, for example, and you should understand the implications of “equitable distribution” as it pertains to your breakup.

Finally, non-moneyed spouses who are being bullied by their soon-to-be exes should document every interaction they have with the other party. Write down the dates of the threats, and try to record exactly what that person says. Even if you never use it in court, this type of a log may be beneficial in predicting negative patterns of behavior, helping you cope with this bad behavior at the end of a marriage.

Spouses who believe their partners are lying about financial matters may benefit from consulting a qualified family attorney. These professionals can help negotiate property division settlements by carefully assessing both parties’ financial standings. Your family attorney can be both your ally and your advocate.

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