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Divorce: Everyone has advice and opinions

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Divorce |

When a person in North Dakota mentions to others that they are considering getting a divorce, suddenly everyone is a wise “expert” with detailed advice and opinions. People suddenly find themselves being “counseled” by their hair dresser, barber, bartender, cab driver, neighbor, card game buddy or siblings. They all have “heard” that you should (or shouldn’t) try to kick your estranged spouse out of the house, close (or keep open) the joint checking and savings accounts, file for divorce immediately (or wait awhile), and discuss the matter in detail with (or keep it quiet from ) your wife or husband.

Undoubtedly, all of these people mean well, but making plans for your divorce on the basis of such advice ultimately makes about as much sense as planning treatment for cancer on the advice of a pizza delivery man, dental treatment based on some tips from your child’s ballet teacher or planning your retirement based of the wisdom of a Little League coach.

Your bartender may be a great guy and mix a great drink. Ask him where he went to law school. All these people generally have no idea about the specifics of how divorce law currently works in your state, what changes the state legislature may have made to the divorce laws recently or how particular decisions on property division, spousal support, child support and the transfer of retirement accounts will impact on tax consequences.

Additionally, a lot of friends and relatives may give you destructive and vindictive advice. Contest every issue in court. Compromise on nothing. Don’t cooperate with your estranged spouse. Use the children as bargaining chips. This all leads nowhere, winds up costing much money and drags out the proceedings far longer than they have to be.

Divorce attorneys are professionals. They are up-to-date on the latest changes in the law and experienced in guiding a divorce through the maze that is the court system. They also have practical wisdom as to how to make everything go smoother, based on having gone through it repeatedly. Thank your bartender, and let him give you a last drink on the house to end the evening. But look to you lawyer for legal advice.

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