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Usher’s ex seeks custody after son nearly died in pool accident

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Child Custody |

As some North Dakota parents know, once a court has approved and implemented a child custody plan, you are expected to adhere to it. While there may be some room for adjustment when one of you needs to make a change due to scheduling conflicts, it is difficult to drastically change a custody arrangement. It is not, however, impossible.

One situation in which a parent could request a major change in child custody is if he or she feels the child is in danger while in the other parent’s care. Some Fargo residents may have heard that hip-hop artist Usher and his ex-wife are going through this exact situation right now. Although Usher has primary custody of their two children, a recent accident that nearly killed their son prompted Usher’s ex to file for a change of custody.

The 5-year-old boy was apparently outside by the pool at Usher’s home in the Atlanta area while under the supervision of his aunt. The boy fell in and became trapped in the pool’s drain. A housekeeper, his aunt and another person attempted to get him out of the drain but could not. Fortunately, workers who were at the home were able to free him. The boy was rushed to hospital and seems to be doing well.

Shortly after the incident, Usher’s ex-wife filed for an emergency child custody hearing. She is seeking custody of both children because of Usher’s inability to supervise them, she said in the motion. The two were scheduled to appear in court today.

A situation like this can be scary for both parents, but it can be especially upsetting if your child’s other parent was supposed to be in control. Fortunately, courts allow a parent to seek out a custody change when the circumstances may warrant it.

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